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Tervetuloa Iittala-verkkokauppaan.

Verkkokauppamme tarjoaa laajan valikoiman Iittalan, Arabian ja Hackmanin kodintuotteita.    

Deliveries only to Finland.

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Magnus Pettersen 2013

The Leimu table lamp has been inspired by the striking combination of glass and concrete in modern architecture. With its strong concrete base, the impressive glass lamp portion, inspired by traditional lampshades, makes Leimu a brand-new lighting fixture where sensitivity encounters strength. The colour variations in the mouth blown glass lampshade give each product a unique look. 

The Leimu lamp is available in copper and grey. Please note that the lamp is available with 2 different plugs, one with EU plug and one with UK plug.

Leimu has been awarded the prestigious iF Golden design award in 2014. 




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