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Timeless design since 1881. Welcome to Iittala world. We’ll deliver orders to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom.


Tervetuloa Iittala-verkkokauppaan.

Verkkokauppamme tarjoaa laajan valikoiman Iittalan, Arabian, Hackmanin ja Fiskarsin kodintuotteita sekä Rörstrandin valikoidut sarjat.    

Deliveries only to Finland.


While we take utmost pride in their timeless design, every now and then Iittala discontinues certain products, sizes, or colours. Yet the combinability of all Iittala products means that even if an object is discontinued, it will still fit with any current and future objects. And of course, the discontinued object will always remain a long-lasting design classic.

The following items will be discontinued from production 30th of June 2014.

Aalto  votive 55 mm sand                
Aalto bowl 145 mm clear                 
Aalto vase 160 mm flaming red           
Aalto vase 201 mm salmon pink           
Aalto vase 251 mm salmon pink           
Aalto vase 255 mm salmon pink           
Aalto vase 95 mm salmon pink            
Aalto votive 55 mm flaming red          

Birds by Toikka Festive Catcher 
Birds by Toikka Grass Eider   
Birds by Toikka Kuulas white   
Birds by Toikka Little Tern red
Birds by Toikka Magpie        
Birds by Toikka Puffball black 
Birds by Toikka puffball red   
Birds by Toikka Red Ibis     
Birds by Toikka Ruby Bird 
Birds by Toikka Rusee Grebe

Claritas 150 mm clear/red/black  

Collective Tools Cake lifter           
Collective Tools Cheese knife          
Collective Tools Cheese slicer 

Kaasa fireplace 255mm red

Kivi votive 80 mm frosted clear
Kivi votive 60 mm red      
Kivi votive 80 mm clear    
Kivi votive 80 mm grey     
Kivi votive 80 mm red   

Mariskooli bowl 120 mm apple green      
Mariskooli bowl 120 mm red              
Mariskooli bowl 120 mm sand             
Mariskooli bowl 155 mm rubyred          
Mariskooli bowl 155 mm sand             

Nappula candleholder 107 mm celadon green
Nappula candleholder 183 mm celadongreen

Teema mini serving set 3pcs celadon green

Vitriini 60x60 mm sand 

The following items have been discontinued from production 31st of December 2013.

Aalto bowl 50x195 mm dark lilac          
Aalto bowl 50x195 mm light blue          
Aalto miniature 55 mm clear              
Aalto miniature 55 mm white              
Aalto vase 95 mm apple green             
Aalto vase 95 mm dark lilac              
Aalto vase 95 mm light blue              
Aalto vase 95 mm salmon pink             
Aalto vase 95 mm water green             

Aarne old fashioned 20 cl
Aarne red wine 25 cl
Annual cube 2013

BIRDS BY TOIKKA              
Birds by Toikka Hiplu      
Birds by Toikka Little Tern  
Birds by Toikka Raven

Collective Tools cutting board + knife      
Collective Tools bread knife            
HotCool 40 mm black latte/ice coffee

Jars 60 mm clear                    
Jars 60 mm grey                     
Jars 60 mm light blue  

Kartio bowl 39 cl forest green    
Kartio little glass 7 cl clear       
Kartio little glass 7 cl light blue     

Kastehelmi bowl 23 cl apple green  
Kastehelmi bowl 1,9 l apple green
Kastehelmi plate 170 mm apple green      
Kastehelmi plate 248 mm apple green      
Kastehelmi plate 315 mm apple green      
Kivi votive 60 mm rose olive             

Mariskooli bowl 120 mm black                   
Mariskooli bowl 155 mm black                 
Mariskooli bowl 155 mm rose olive  

Origo apron green
Origo kitchen towel green
Origo oven glove green
Origo pot holder green
Origo table runner green

Teema blue platter 16x37 cm             
Teema blue platter 24x32 cm             
Teema bowl 3,4 l blue                   
Teema bowl 30 cm blue            
Teema cup 0,22 l blue                   
Teema cup 0,4 l blue                    
Teema plate 15 cm blue  

Tools frying pan 28 cm                 
Tools set 4 pcs  

Vitriini 108x108 mm apple green         
Vitriini 108x108 mm light blue     
Vitriini 60x60 mm green          
Vitriini 60x60 mm sand/oak          
Vitriini 60x60 mm rose olive  

The following items have been discontinued from production 30th of June 2013.

Claritas 150mm clear/grey/white
Claritas 150mm clear/sand

Kartio tumber 20cl dark lilac
Kartio tumber 20cl grey           
Kartio tumber 20cl red
Kartio tumber 20cl seablue
Kartio tumber 34cl clear
Kartio tumber 34cl dark lilac
Kartio tumber 34cl grey
Kartio tumber 34cl red
Kartio tumber 34cl seablue
Kartio tumbler 20cl clear

Kivi 60mm red garnet votive candleholde 

Mango Gift box 16-pcs
Mariskooli red garnet 

Morning in Athens 630 mm model 1 
Morning in Athens 630 mm model 2
Morning in Athens 630 mm model 3   

Tools Frypan 26 cm cast iron   
Tools oven pan 3-set
Tools Saucepan 3 l  
Tools Sautepan with lid 30 cm
Tools Wok 34 cm, 6,4 L  
Tools wooden tray (in oak)44x41x3cm

Vitriini 60x60 mm clear/grey box 
Vitriini 60x60 mm yellow box  

The following item has been discontinued from production in November 2012.

Kartio 21 cl glass red

The following item has been discontinued from production 21st of September 2012.

Tools Wok

The following items have been discontinued from production 31st of December 2012.

Aino Aalto 120mm clear bowl

Aalto miniature 55mm Riobrown
Aalto miniature 55mm smoky grey
Aalto bowl 40x136mm water green
Aalto bowl 40x136mm apple green
Aalto bowl 50x195mm Rio brown
Aalto bowl 50x195mm turquoise
Aalto bowl 80x380mm clear
Aalto vase 95mm Rio brown
Aalto vase 120mm Rio brown
Aalto vase 145mm Rio brown
Aalto vase 160mm Rio brown
Aalto vase 95mm turquoise
Aalto vase 120mm turquoise
Aalto vase 160mm turquoise
Aalto votive 55mm apple green
Aalto votive 55mm turquoise

Aurora champagne 13cl
Aurora white wine 18cl
Aurora red wine 22cl

Avec brandy 35cl

Annual bird 2012 Mirella
Annual egg 2012 Mirella
Annual cube 2012 85x80mm
Valkyyria 320x295mm
Puffball lilac 70x50mm
Fiskariina 300x120mm
Ping 147x85mm
Pang 118x78mm
Festive Pheasant 380x250mm

Essence decanter 100cl light blue

HEL 2012
HEL2012 Mug
HEL2012 plate 22 cm
HEL2012 Bowl 0,6 l
HEL2012 Espresso cup
HEL2012 Espresso saucer 11 cm
HEL2012 Set 2 mugs
HEL2012 Takeawaymug
HEL2012 Umbrella

Jars 60mm watergreen
Jars 80mm watergreen
Jars 60mm apple green
Jars 80mm apple green

Kartio tumbler 21cl Rio brown
Kartio tumbler 21cl red

Kartio vase 200mm clear
Kartio vase 200mm light blue
Kartio vase 200mm grey
Kartio vase 200mm Rio brown
Kartio vase 200mm red
Kartio vase 290mm claer
Kartio vase 290mm light blue
Kartio vase 290mm grey
Kartio vase 290mm Rio brown
Kartio vase 290mm red

Kivi 60mm yellow votive
Kivi 60mm light lilac votive
Kivi 60mm mossgreen votive
Kivi 60mm sweet pink votive
Kivi 60mm Rio brown votive
Kivi 60mm turquoise blue votive
Kivi 80mm seville orange votive
Kivi 80mm sand votive
Kivi 80mm water green votive
Kivi 80mm apple green votive
Kivi 80mm light blue votive
Kivi 80mm deep turquoise votive

Korento mug 0,4L, white
Korento bowl 0,6L white
Korento plate 22 cm, white
Korento plate 30 cm, white
Korento coffee/tea 0,3 L white
Korento saucer 16 cm white
Korento serving plate oval 41 cm white
Korento mug 0,4L blue
Korento plate 30 cm blue
Korento plate 22 cm blue
Korento bowl 0,6L blue
Korento tea/coffee cup 0,3 L blue
Korento saucer 16 cm blue
Korento serving plate oval 41 cm blue

Lantern 190mm clear

Mari bowl 155mm yellow
Mari bowl 155mm light lilac
Mari bowl 155mm moss green
Mari bowl 155mm sweet pink
Mari bowl 155mm turquoise blue
Mari bowl 155mm Rio brown
Mari bowl 120mm turquoise blue
Mari bowl 120mm sweet pink
Mari bowl 120mm Rio brown

Moomin tumbler 21cl Club life
Moomin tumbler 21cl Moomin falls in love
Moomin tumbler 21cl Club life & Falling in love
Moomin tumbler 21cl Golden Tail & Martians
Moomin tumbler 21cl Wild West & Riviera
Moomin tumbler 21cl Picnic & Jungle life

Purnukka jar 60 mm blue
Purnukka jar 120 mm blue
Purnukka jar 60 mm turquoise
Purnukka jar 120 mm turquoise
Purnukka jar 60 mm terracotta
Purnukka jar 120 mm terracotta

Teema mug 0,3L terracotta
Teema bowl 15cm, terracotta
Teema bowl 21 cm, terracotta
Teema flat plate 17cm, terracotta
Teema flat plate 21cm, terracotta
Teema flat plate 26cm, terracotta
Teema flat plate 16x16cm, terracotta
Teema mug 0,4 L terracotta
Teema bowl 1,65 L terracotta
Teema mini serving 3-set 3 colours

Vitriini 60x60 mm sweet pink
Vitriini 60x60 mm
Vitriini 60x60 mm
Vitriini 60x60 mm Rio brown
Vitriini 60x60 mm lightlilac
Vitriini 108x108mm sweet pink
Vitriini 108x108 sweet pink

The following items have been discontinued from production 30th of June 2012.

Artik Cake fork

Essence pitcher 28cl light blue

Vitriini 60x60 mm pink/black box