Nappula 二件套烛台 107 mm / 183 mm

二件装 白色
Matti Klenell

Designer Matti Klenell took inspiration for Nappula from a peculiarly shaped table with ‘swollen’ feet. His interpretation was to create a candleholder with a tall, elegant stem standing on a solid, round base. Nappula’s signature silhouette has become a modern Nordic design classic. The seamless blend of contemporary and vintage elements creates high impact. The 2 pc Nappula candleholder set features both the big 183 mm and small 107mm candleholders. White highlights the clean, simple design. Alone or grouped together, the candleholders make a stunning centerpiece. Reflect a soft, warm light that brings relaxed ambience to any interior. A thoughtful birthday, wedding or housewarming gift. Tapered candles recommended.

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    Matti Klenell
    Matti Klenell (生于1972年) 是以长期摸索北欧设计在型体与功能方面的交互影响而闻名于世的瑞典籍设计师。就像工业主义初萌芽时期的工匠,Klenell不断地在生产过程的限制中寻求最大的可能,为创作赋予美感与特色。