Iittala X Magis Linnut lamp Sulo S 215 x 135 mm

Oiva Toikka

The new Linnut (‘birds’ in Finnish) collection brings together design legend Oiva Toikka, Magis and Iittala. Magis adds new life to a flock of Toikka’s most iconic freeblown birds by replacing the glass with a brilliantly colourful, versatile plastic. The result is Linnut, a playful collection of five cable-free, movable, and rechargeable sculptured lamps that bring a joyful glow to outdoor dinners, illuminate a dark entryway or serve as a nightlight in a child’s bedroom. The light is dimmable, you can adjust the amount of light based on the atmosphere. The small Linnut Magis Sulo has a bright white dome-shaped body, googly eyes and adds playful detail inside or outside. Granules set differently, making each lamp truly unique. 6+ hours battery life when fully charged.

The Iittala X Magis Linnut collection is available through selected stores and on iittala.com.