Nappula candelabra 251 x 263 mm

Matti Klenell

All colours

dark grey

Designer Matti Klenell took inspiration for Nappula from a table. He translated the table’s awkward shape and ‘swollen’ legs into the tall, elegant stem and solid, round base that are Nappula’s signature silhouette. The stunning combination of contemporary and vintage details have made the beloved Nappula a modern Nordic design classic. Klenell turned Nappula’s famous form upside down to create the beautiful Nappula candelabra. Made in powder coated steel, white brings simple sophistication. Perfect for tapered candles or tealights, the four-armed candelabra reflects a soft, gentle light that adds warm ambience. Nappula creates striking impact in any interior. Makes a stunning centerpiece. A thoughtful wedding, birthday, anniversary or housewarming gift.