Teema Tiimi dish 9 cm

pearl grey
Kyuhyung Cho

All colours

pearl grey
light blue

Inspired by Finnish design pioneer, Kaj Franck’s iconic Teema collection, Teema Tiimi stays true to Franck’s timeless philosophy of simplicity and functionality. A team (‘tiimi’ in Finnish) of contemporary designers created complementary pieces to the Teema collection with highly versatile tableware that serves one’s changing dining needs. Every piece in Teema Tiimi can be used in the oven, for serving, storing and even freezing. The smallest Teema Tiimi dish is perfect for sauces or condiments. Pearl grey adds timeless elegance. Suits any table for casual or festive occasions. Create endless combinations with Teema colours. A great housewarming or wedding gift. Microwave/dishwasher safe.