Iittala stands for future generations

Iittala takes action as a brand to support important issues, both social and environmental, with collaborations and by talking about important matters to promote awareness for the good that's going on and for the issues that need our common interest to improve.

Iittala believes in timeless design and encourages to make sustainable choices for better future. In 2022, Iittala stands for future generations by supporting the mental and educational wellbeing of young people. In Iittala's main markets, Finland, Sweden and Japan, we have partnered with local organizations and charities that provide services to support young people's and children's wellbeing. Iittala is determined to support local organizations to provide support to those who need it most.

In total in 2022, Iittala will donate over 50 000€ euros to the different organizations to support their important work. The donation will be distributed to our partner organizations.

Read more about our partner organizations and their work:

Finland: Mieli ry

Sweden: BRIS

Japan: Benesse Foundation for Children