Make room for creativity – ideas for a modern and functional home office

Iittala Home Office
It’s safe to say that remote work is here to stay. Hence creating a home office that is both functional and aesthetic is now more essential than ever. Design a modern and harmonious home office that fuels your creativity and helps keep your work (and home) life in balance.

Explore our home office ideas and get inspired.

 Iittala Home Office

1. Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is essential for our energy levels. Bright and functional lighting allows you to focus on the task at hand whereas soft, warm light creates tranquility. Create a balanced ambience and illuminate your home office with Iittala’s interior lighting and lamps. Light up some tealight candles to create a meditative effect.

2. Declutter

Keeping your essentials in order allows your mind to keep focused and calm. Our multifunctional storage items offer practical, versatile storage solutions for making the home office functional yet easy on the eye. Add vibrant detail with the Oiva Toikka collection storage boxes or bring tranquility into the space with the modern and sculptural Kuru bowls. The Kuru interior bowls are perfect for organising and displaying everyday home office items like earpods, pencils, and paper clips.
Iittala Home Office

3. Bring nature in

Add life and natural texture to your home office with plants. Featuring plants in the office has been shown to improve air quality, increase creativity, and lower stress levels. If your workstation does not get a lot of sunlight, the best plants for the office are succulents, such as aloe, burro's tail, ponytail palm, and zebra plant.
Showcase your favourite plants in the modern Nappula vases and create visual interest by grouping different-sized ceramic pots together.

Iittala Home Office

4. Make room for breaks

Balance your workday with short breaks. Take a power nap and wrap yourself in the cosiest Oiva Toikka Collection blanket or enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea on a sofa. 
Iittala Taika

5. Add colour into coffee

Coffee is simply essential. Sipping your daily dose of caffeine from a cup with your favourite colours is guaranteed to pick up the mood.

Iittala home office
Iittala home office

6. Decorate

Decorate a modern home office with art glass and posters. Iittala’s statement glass vases, objects, and sculptures add beautiful detail to your home office décor and art posters transform bare walls into an inspiring space.