Iittala planting guide – How to grow plants and flowers at home

Nappula Plant pots

 Grow new roots

Spring sheds new light on our environment. This season, we celebrate spring by bringing nature into our homes. Embrace how spring wakes us up to all the new things around us.  It’s time to plant new roots.
We invited florist Hanna Piippo to share her tips on planting flowers and taking care of houseplants. Explore our tips on how to grow plants at home and grow new life inside your walls.

Iittala watering bottle

How to grow plants indoors

If you were not born with a green thumb, planting seeds and growing plants may seem like a difficult task. Follow these steps to embrace nature indoors and grow new roots.

Nappula plant top and plant on the side

Step 1: Choose your flower planting pots

The Nappula flower planting pots will inspire you to create green displays that bring the outdoors in. Try planting flower bulbs in different-sized pots and group them to create visual interest. Whether standing alone or showcasing your favourite plant, Iittala’s ceramic plant pots bring organic detail to any setting. Select a pot that fits your plant’s size.

Step 2:  Potting plants  

“Fill the bottom of your pot with gravel or clay pebbles before adding the soil on top. The gravel soaks excess water and prevents the roots from spoiling. The Nappula pots with saucer have a hole at the bottom for the excess water, so you don’t need to add gravel when you are using them.” – Hanna Piippo

Watering plant

Step 3: Know when your plant needs water

Learning to recognize when houseplants need water is essential for your indoor garden’s wellbeing. Iittala Watering bottles offer a convenient way to water plants for the more absent-minded plant lovers. Fill the watering bottle and push it gently into the soil in an upright position. The bulbs water plants evenly for up to a week. The watering bottles are a great babysitter for one’s plants during travels.
”Watering bottles are a great tool for a lazy home gardener. They are like a watering can that doses the water for you. You can learn a lot about your plants’ water needs by observing how fast or slow the plant drains the bottle. Remember to give your plants a break from watering regularly, as no plant likes to be watered all the time.”  – Hanna Piippo

Step 4: Refresh and care

Plants typically need to be repotted every twelve months. Change the soil for green plants in February – March and blooming plants in March – April.
” Fertilize your plants during Growth Season, from March to September. Mist your plants with water to keep them fresh. Remember to wipe off the dust from their leaves every now and then. Be careful with watering your plant as it is a common mistake to overwater – yellow leaves are not always a sign of drought.” – Hanna Piippo  

Nappula plant pots different colours

Step 5: Share roots

Houseplants can be propagated by taking stem cuttings from a healthy plant, placing them in water until they develop roots, and then planting the rooted cuttings into your favourite pot. Cutting and grooming are more fun when you use scissors adorned with Oiva Toikka’s whimsical designs.