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I’ve always been on the borderline of good taste. I find it an entertaining neighbourhood. –Oiva Toikka

Legendary Finnish designer Oiva Toikka was famous for his boundless imagination, distinct designs and vibrant colours. We honour Toikka’s limitless creativity with our new collection, the curious mind of Oiva Toikka.

Oiva Toikka and Iittala

During Toikka’s nearly sixty-year collaboration with us, he created some of our most iconic collections including the beloved Birds by Toikka.

Birds by Toikka

Creative and curious

From bold glass art to modular art pieces, Toikka established his distinct individual style by deviating from the streamlined functionalism of Nordic design in favour of colourful, artistic creations.


A new discovery

A few years ago, we came across three previously undiscovered boxes in Toikka’s archives containing many wonderful drawings, including patterns and sketches of pieces we’ve never seen before.

A smile on your face

With The Curious Mind of Oiva Toikka, we bring these discoveries and Toikka’s joyful spirit to our new collection of home textiles, tableware, art prints and more. All of the new items are tied together by six distinct artworks by Toikka that form the patterns on each piece.

Curious corners

The Curious Mind of Oiva Toikka celebrates the beautiful imagination of one of our most inspiring designers by inviting you to express your own unique style in all the curious corners of your life.


Stay tuned for the Oiva Toikka Collection launch on 16 August 2021.

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