Enter the curious mind of Oiva Toikka

One of the most renowned Finnish designers of the 20th century, Oiva Toikka was an idiosyncratic artist, who challenged the streamlined functionalism that characterised Nordic design in favor of colourful creations often inspired by nature. We celebrate his unique imagination and creative boldness with our collection, The Curious Mind of Oiva Toikka.

New perspectives 

Toikka was originally appointed as an in-house designer at the Iittala Glass Factory in 1963, by another Finnish design legend, Kaj Franck. Throughout his career, Toikka used his distinctive perspective to expand and explore the bounds of contemporary design. During his decades-long collaboration with Iittala, Toikka created a number of legendary designs, patterns and glass items, including the iconic Birds by Toikka.

“I’ve always been on the borderline of good taste. I find it an entertaining neighbourhood.”

The Toikka pattern archive is a manifestation of the designer’s limitless ability to envision and create. To this day this treasure trove of artworks continues to stand out with its singular perspective. In 2022, we are adding another hand-picked design to our carefully curated collection of home textiles, tableware, art prints and more.

“Life has two meanings: to make one’s own life richer and to enrich the lives of others.”

A new addition to the Curious Mind of Oiva Toikka Collection, the delightful Frutta pattern is based on the original sketch done for the Frutta glassware launch in 1968. The hand-drawn lines bring authentic variation to the pattern’s joyful richness. Frutta continues the collection’s nature-inspired theme by adding a touch of flora to the fauna of the previous, animal-inspired prints.