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Seasonal decoration and table setting ideas

It is the season when we pause and focus on those we cherish. This year we look forward to one thing: coming together. The table is set for new memories and joy. The feeling of togetherness is what carries the season and creating the environment and atmosphere enabling this is what we aspire to – from the smallest candle to the festive dinner setting.

Explore Christmas home decoration and table setting ideas.

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Scandinavian Christmas decoration

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Scandinavian Christmas decoration is created with harmonious colours, thoughtful details, light and warmth. The soft glow of candles and the scent of mulled wine create a magical atmosphere at home. Traditional Christmas colours are red and green, but other tones can also be chosen for a modern Christmas decor. Deep blue and dark purple invite us to pause and relax.
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Seasonal plants create a Christmas ambience around us. Place spruce branches in vases and enjoy the fragrance that fills the home. Decorate the branches with Iittala's glowing glass baubles. Lighting brings a harmonious atmosphere. Place Miranda or Kuru bowls on the coffee table and serve seasonal treats to your loved ones.

Christmas table setting ideas

The table is set for new memories, and this year we finally get to enjoy it together. Explore Christmas table setting ideas for festive tables in different styles.

Red Christmas table setting

Red tableware brings warmth and seasonal atmosphere to the table. Cranberry red glass represents Iittala's special glass colour expertise, and perfectly fits the Christmas table setting. Glowing candles in red tealight candleholders beautifully reflect the season’s colour on the table. Choose red details for the Christmas setting, such as drinking glasses, bowls and tealight candleholders and combine them with clear glass and ceramics.

Green Christmas table setting

Green has a grounding effect. Choose moss green glass for the Christmas table setting and combine it with brass and white Iittala objects.

Modern Christmas table setting

Iittala Christmas tablesetting Raami
A modern Christmas table is created with earthy tones and simple objects. Set the table with Iittala's Raami, Essence and Teema collections. The contemporary design of the Nappula candleholder fits a Scandinavian Christmas table. Create a seasonal centerpiece for the Christmas table by placing a spruce or pine branch into an Aalto vase and decorate it with Iittala’s glass ornaments.

Decorate the Christmas tree

Let your creativity bloom when decorating the Christmas tree. Get inspired by Professor Oiva Toikka's curious mind and hang glass fruit, vegetables, and playful characters on the branches. Decorate the tree with your loved ones – the glistening tree calls for togetherness.

How to decorate the Christmas tree

  1. Start with lighting. Place the Christmas lights evenly at the stems of the branches.
  2. Choose a colour theme. Shades of red and green are the traditional choice, but why not choose yellow, purple, or orange tones as well. Choose a single colour or joyously mix and match.
  3. Place the ornaments symmetrically near the lights. This way the glass baubles will be perfectly illuminated, glistening and casting colour on the branches.
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It’s the season of giving and coming together, a time to pause and focus on those we cherish. See our curated Christmas gift ideas and find meaningful gifts for all the essential people on your list.