How to arrange flowers in Aalto vases - styled by Viivi Valkeeniemi

Aalto styled by Viivi Valkeeniemi
Alvar Aalto was inspired by nature when he designed the iconic Aalto vases. The classic Aalto-vase, launched in 1936, is as relevant today as it was almost 90 years ago. The vase’s organic shape inspires us to create various flower arrangements.

We invited the Helsinki-based floral artist and founder of Studio Viivi, Viivi Valkeeniemi, to design four different floral arrangements and share her tips on how to arrange flowers in different sized Aalto vases. Explore her tips and let your creativity bloom.

How do you arrange flowers in an Aalto-vase, Viivi Valkeeniemi? 

Aalto vase 250mm

Aalto styled by Viivi Valkeeniemi
Pay attention to the height of flowers you choose in comparison to the vase you have. A higher vase requires longer stems. This is to do justice to the shape of the flora and let the flowers and stems form a harmonious entity together with the vase.

Create interesting dimensions to the arrangement by placing flowers on different levels. Remember to remove leaves from the lower part of stems that are in the water. This makes the water stay clean and the flowers last longer.

Aalto vase 160mm

Aalto styled by Viivi Valkeeniemi
Start by placing branches or leafy stems crossing each other, creating a grid that serves as a base for your arrangement. The flowers are easy to place after this with the base in place.

Arching and curved flowers are a good choice for the classic Aalto 160mm, highlighting the organic shape of the vase.

Aalto bowl 262 x 50mm

Aalto styled by Viivi Valkeeniemi
With the help of a kenzan, bowls can also be used for floral arrangements. Be brave and place flowers deep in the middle of the arrangement to create depth and angles in your creation.

A kenzan is a device designed specifically for arranging flowers. Flowers, leaves, and branches are pressed upright on to its spikes, with the kenzan being placed at the bottom of a flat vase or bowl. With the help of a kenzan even tall flowers and branches stay beautifully organised.

Aalto vase 180mm

Aalto styled by Viivi Valkeeniemi
A few small vases and some casually arranged flowers create an elegant ensemble. Focus on varieties with prestige blossoms and beautiful lines. Combine different shapes.

Flower inspiration from Myiittala community

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