Iittala designer mina perhonen

Iittala X minä perhonen

Designer Akira Minagawa founded Minä perhonen in 1995. Minagawa wanted to create clothes which become more alluring with time. Over the years minä perhonen has become a beloved internationally known brand designing both fashion and lifestyle collections. The label’s name, minä perhonen (‘I butterfly’ in Finnish), comes from the Finnish language because of the deep connection Akira Minagawa made with Nordic culture during his first visit to Finland at the age of 19.

Iittala and minä perhonen share the same values and design philosophy. Both brands design everyday items that are made to be used, day in and day out, for generations to come. Craftmanship and attention to detail play important parts in the design process. Iittala is known for its expertise in glass and for pushing the boundaries of glass making. Minä perhonen has developed new materials and techniques and has collaborated with many factories and craftspeople in Japan and abroad.