Mooments of Kindness

Moomin by Arabia and the Red Cross collaborate on an initiative that celebrates friendship and being kind to each other. The result is a collection illustrated with Tove Jansson’s original drawings for the Red Cross. As part of the launch, people around the world are encouraged to perform small acts of kindness to one another.

The Moomin by Arabia x Red Cross collaboration collection will be available from 9 August 2022.

Small things matter

From Moominvalley we can learn that even the tiniest of us can make a difference, as long as we do it together. Moomin by Arabia and the Red Cross encourage us all to do kind deeds to each other. You could carry groceries, write down kind words about someone, send a postcard or perhaps buy flowers to a person you care about. We’ll provide some ideas go get going. Some influencers will help with inspiration, too.

For each purchased Moomin by Arabia x Red Cross item, 1 € will be donated to your national compassion campaigns of the corresponding Red Cross offices globally.

Pass some kindness forward

Moomin by Arabia and the Red Cross invite everyone to do small kind deeds – small acts can have a big impact. You could pick up the trash, send a postcard, compliment someone’s outfit, pay for a stranger’s coffee – or donate to charity!

Join the kindness moovement and follow @moominbyarabia on Instagram for more ideas how to bright up someone’s day.

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