Vibrant autumn

The new season is here to inspire. Iittala’s unique range of colours provides endless possibilities to set the table. Combinations of intense colours and pastel hues create a refreshing vibe to the decor. And glass in the season’s colour calluna brings the final touch of autumn glow to table settings.

The unique Ultima Thule

The iconic Ultima Thule was created 55 years ago after hours and hours of perfecting the pattern inspired by melting ice. To celebrate its anniversary, and the work of Tapio Wirkkala and Iittala’s experts of glass, the beloved design brings joy for the first time as a vase. Available in two sizes and colours, the vase comes also in two different materials glass and porcelain. The glass vases are mouthblown at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.
Kastehelmi tableware

Autumn breeze

Autumn glow to table settings is created by mixing colours and glassware. Kastehelmi collection draws inspiration from dewdrops glistening like a string of pearls under the morning sun and, especially in the colour calluna, brings an autumn breeze to the setting.

Ultima Thule 55 years

2023 marks the 55th anniversary for Ultima Thule series, and to honour the anniversary, we introduce new vases to the collection.

New arrivals: Taika

The magical world of Taika has enchanted people around the world with its folkloristic and mystical patterns by Haapaniemi, combined with streamlined shapes of the items designed by Heikki Orvola, since its launch in 2007.