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Christmas gift ideas by Santtu Mustonen

Santtu Mustonen is a Finnish artist and designer. To celebrate the 140th anniversary of Iittala, Mustonen designed the dynamic pattern for the campaign’s visuality and the new Kartta glass sculpture collection. The internationally acclaimed artist is known for his use of vivid colors. He works with sculptures, paintings, animations, installations, and moving image. In addition to Iittala, Mustonen has worked with international names like Apple, New York City Ballet, Flow Festival, and the Oscars by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Show the essential people in your life how much you care with a gift that has meaning and will be remembered, loved and used for a lifetime. Iittala’s beloved interior and tableware objects are as timeless as the magic of the season.

We invited designer Santtu Mustonen to share his Christmas gift ideas from Iittala’s collection. See Santtu’s tips for meaningful gifts.

“I would welcome any of these items under my Christmas tree with open arms!”
– Santtu Mustonen

1. Oiva Toikka Collection blanket 180x130 cm Cheetah brown

“Soft gifts are always a heartfelt choice. I’m intrigued by the mellow color scheme of this blanket, and the delightful print that hides a whimsical beast. This blanket is a great gift for anyone you share a couch with.”


2. Fiskars X Iittala Oiva Toikka Collection scissors 21 cm pompom gift box

“You rarely see reliable tools decorated with loony art. Perfect.”


3. Kuru ceramic bowl 160x140 mm beige

“Philippe Malouin is one of Iittala’s most interesting designers. The Kuru bowl brings a sculptural element to any interior. This would be a great gift to anyone who likes to follow what happens in the field of design.”


4. Kartta glass sculpture 150x320 mm rain

“I usually like to give gifts that I’ve made, but this season I will certainly slip Kartta glass sculptures under the Christmas tree.”


5. Vakka box 450x230x300 mm plywood

“Is there a more practical and cool way to wrap a Christmas present than into this Vakka box?”


6. Vintage Service

“I’m very impressed by the Iittala Vintage Service.  I have collected Wirkkala’s Niva-, Paadar-, and Aslak-drinkware from different sources over the years. With Iittala’s Vintage Service, the collections become living organisms that create new stories with different owners. Some glasses get lost over the years, and the Vintage Service is a great way to find replacements. The Vintage service is a wonderful cultural initiative and a tribute to perfectly usable objects, even if you’re not a collector.”


7. Ultima Thule pitcher 50 cl clear

“The Ultima Thule Pitcher complements any table setting in an interesting way. The distinctive texture of this icon will delight anyone who receives it as a gift.”