Iittala colour expertise

Masters of colour

With over a thousand secret colour recipes and an extensive colour palette, Iittala’s mastery of pigments and colours is unique in the world.

Our dual ability to create monochromatic tones as well as a palette that varies from light to medium to intense is rare. It requires a deep understanding of glass and the willingness to experiment with. Iittala’s colour experts and glassblowers work with specialists and colour professionals to make the impossible possible. 
Iittala colour expertise

Best raw materials

We start with the best quality raw materials. The Iittala Glass Factory receives two thousand tons of fine Belgium sand that forms the base mass along with other ingredients. The led-free base mass is vibrant, bubble-free and without imperfections, which allows for a wide variety of shades.

Colour is in our heart and soul

Iittala colour expertise

Thousands of recipes

We have been creating colours since 1881. The Iittala Glass Factory has developed tens of thousands of colours through the decades. It can take years to produce a new colour because of the heavy testing that goes into making it.
Iittala Alvar Aalto Collection

In the mass

Iittala is known for the rich purity of our shades. We set ourselves apart by putting the colour in the mass instead of adding it to the surface later. 

Impossible made possible