The colourful Filigraani collection is inspired by the endless magic of the traditional filigree art glass technique from Murano, Venice, from the 16th century. Designed by Inga Sempé, a French designer known for her impeccable eye for colours and exquisite way of using shapes, Filigraani features distinctive and imaginative elements for the interior, such as glass art, glass photo frames and interior textiles. The art glass items are handcrafted and free-blown by the most experienced and skilled glassblowers at the Iittala Glass Factory. The objects are sculptural pieces of art that can be used for displaying jewellery or other personal treasures. The collection's freestanding glass photo frames are perfect for displaying beloved memories such as photos, postcards or art. The jacquard woven decorative cushion covers and premium duvet cover sets bring a finalising touch to your interior, adding texture and colour.

Iittala Designer Inga Sempe


Inga Sempé (b. 1968) is a French designer, who lives and works in Paris, France. Sempé opened her own studio in 2001. She is known for her work with Scandinavian, Italian and French companies. Her style is timeless and simple, yet not aiming for minimalism. Inga Sempé has an impeccable eye for colours and an exquisite way to use patterns and shapes. Her designs often feature distinctive, inspirational and imaginative elements that catch the eye and make the viewer curious to look closer, to touch and to experience the items.

Inga Sempé’s home and gift collection for Iittala, Filigraani, is inspired by the traditional filigree art glass originally developed in Murano, Venice in the 16th century.