The man behind the magic

Iittala Taika
Since its launch in 2007, Taika ('Magic' in English), has established itself as one of Iittala's best loved series. The unique illustrations of Klaus Haapaniemi, whose recognisable style is a mixture of influences from Finnish folklore to Slavic animation and Japanese etchings, work in unison with the clean lined shapes of Professor Heikki Orvola.
Klaus Haapaniemi

`At the start of the design process, I wanted to create a rich collection of products with a strong Nordic aesthetic. I also wanted to include playfulness and mysticism┬┤, Klaus Haapaniemi reflects.

Iittala Taika

`To me, the shape dictates how the pattern is used,┬┤ Haapaniemi says. `I was inspired by Art Nouveau style compositions, where the pattern is in a controlled collision with the shape of the dish.┬┤

Taika Siimes plate dark blue

Influenced by nature and folklore with a modern twist

Taika Siimes dark blue mugs and plate
Iittala Taika

Celebrating 15 years of Taika

In 2022, Klaus Haapaniemi designed a new, special edition pattern in black full of atmosphere to mark the 15-year milestone and to delight all Taika enthusiasts around the world. As a continuum for the black Taika anniversary mug, Iittala introduces two complementing colourways, red and linen, for the beloved design.

The anniversary pattern is based on Haapaniemi's vivid childhood memory of a majestic crane walking in a peat bog surrounded by floating water lilies. The graceful lines of the cranes and the colours and shapes of the surrounding nature create an enchanting atmosphere.