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Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list

It’s the season of giving and coming together, a time to pause and focus on those we cherish. The most thoughtful gifts are carefully chosen for their receiver and designed to last from generation to generation.

See our curated Christmas gift ideas and find meaningful gifts for all the essential people on your list.

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Iittala Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts for Mum and Dad

Christmas is the perfect time to show Mum and Dad how much we appreciate them. A thoughtful gift for Mum or Dad should reflect their personality, style, and interests.

Every Mum is unique and deserves a special Christmas gift. A Mum who loves to curl up on the couch with a good book will appreciate a contemporary Iittala lamp to illuminate her reading sessions. Or perhaps she loves baking and wowing her guests with cakes – in that case, the delicately playful Kastehelmi cake stand might be the perfect Christmas present for Mum.

A food-loving father will be pleased to unwrap a shiny new frying pan, or a best-in-class cast iron pot this Christmas. A beer or wine enthusiast will appreciate Iittala’s timeless Essence glasses. Inspired by the melting ice in Lapland, the Ultima Thule on-the-rocks glasses will be the ultimate Christmas gift for the Dad who enjoys quality drinks.
The best Christmas gifts for Mum and Dad are timeless, gifts that delight for years to come and become a part of their lives.

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Christmas gifts for a friend

A meaningful Christmas gift for a friend brings joy when you come together. If you tend to catch up with a glass of wine, the Essence wine glasses or decanter are a heartfelt gift idea. Enjoy mocktails together from the new Essence cocktail glasses, or let your creativity bloom by trying flower arrangements in Nappula vases.

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