October 2018

Inventing, improving, enjoying

A former garage in Stockholm’s Södermalm district functions as the studio of Matti Klenell, known for his distinctive glass art and designs for companies like Iittala, Moooi and Källemo. It’s a space that allows for creative experiments and acts as a base for the designer in between his many travels. We sat down with Klenell to talk about creativity, inspiration and his most ambitious project to date—the new restaurant at Sweden’s renovated national gallery.

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August 2018

The ultimate Ultima Thule

When the ice starts to melt after a long winter, it draws its ebb and flow across the snow-covered land. Inspired by the melting ice of the far north in Lapland, Ultima Thule is Tapio Wirkkala’s most famous work. It is the epitome of Nordic craftsmanship — the result of thousands of hours spent perfecting the glassblowing technique required to produce its signature undulations. It carries within it both the light and the shadows of untamed wilderness.

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Brand story
April 2018

Psychology of colour

Iittala is known around the world for its expertise as a producer of coloured glass. We have over 100 years of experience in producing this type of glass and are committed to further developing our capabilities in this area. Getting the most out of glass and developing an extensive colour palette calls for a thorough understanding of the materials used and a willingness to experiment. Colour know-how is part of the heritage of our glassworks.

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August 2017

Meet the team behind Teema Tiimi

Iittala’s iconic Teema tableware range was created in 1952 by the master of Finnish everyday design, Kaj Franck. When designed, it was a revolutionary concept: uni-coloured, simplified objects were created in opposition to the decorative, full dinner sets that predominated at the time. The smallest details ensure each dish is perfect for use, multi-functional, stackable and suitable for everyday use as well as festive occasions.

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April 2017

Model house by Alfredo Häberli for Baufritz, Germany

"I wanted to design a case study house by the time I was 50," says Häberli. "Not for me personally, but one that sets an example. One that makes a contribution through its aesthetics and its inherent way of thinking. That was my dream." Häberli got a chance to fulfill his dream in designing a model home for Baufritz, revealing new dimensions of ecological and healthy wooden architecture while showcasing expert timber construction.

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