Optics. The beauty of melted glass

Designer Harri Koskinen and Iittala have embarked on a journey of discovery into the world of glass, colour and optics. For this exhibition, Koskinen, who works extensively both in the arts and industrial design, has created unique optical objects, lenses, and prisms made of coloured glass.

The focal point of exhibition is not only Koskinen’s design work, but also how glass reflects, bends, distorts and scatters light. 

Each object on display celebrates the beauty of melted glass – both its brilliant colour and tantalising imperfection. Koskinen worked as a designer at Iittala at the turn of the millennium and is now the company’s creative director, so he is no stranger to exploring the creative potential of glass. In fact, for him, glass is a demanding material that requires exceptional skill and discipline from both designers and glassblowers. However, in the right hands, glass can be formed into the desired elements.

“Specific forms provide the organic and plastic material with sought-after character and space,” says Koskinen.   


The exhibition also inspires us to examine our immediate environment. The different glass objects take command of the display space and eventually blur into something greater. Our perception of Koskinen’s design depends on the time of day, the direction of light and the position of the objects.

This is critical as Koskinen seeks to introduce an element of chance into the exhibition: “The reflections, distortions and images created by the objects and their impact on the surrounding environment are as important as the object themselves.”

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