Tinted lenses & new perspectives

Welcome to the second issue of Iittala Journal. This time around we have explored topics ranging from belonging and empathy to sisu—all ingredients of what we call progressive Nordic living. Collaborating with creatives in various fields all over the Nordic countries has given us a spectrum of new perspectives on life. This wide range of artistic expressions and voices fueled by curiosity is what we want to capture in this issue.

We have met the people behind many of our iconic products—designers, master craftsmen and scientists. We have dug deep into our archives for hidden gems and ideas yet unexplored. For example, our collection of over a hundred different glass colours and an archive of up to 10,000 colour recipes is something we strongly cherish.

Yet our great heritage and vast wealth of knowledge need continual injections of fresh inspiration, which come in the shape of new creative collaborations.

We have always pushed the boundaries of what is possible. We don’t just create beautiful objects—for us, design is a way of looking forward. Our skilled craftspeople strive for continuous progress; a perpetual quest for contemporary timelessness.