Glass, poetry in the hands of a master

Hundred years has passed since the birth of Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985) and we are celebrating the heritage of his creations. Wirkkala's designs spanned from glass design and sculpture to the design of banknotes and graphics. He is considered one of the leading figures of modern Finnish industrial art. His Ultima Thule series, as well as Tapio glasses for iittala are one of his best known designs.

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A hint of heritage in your home. The iconic Ultima Thule.

View the Ultima Thule series

Design with harmony and dedication to materials.

During his active career, Wirkkala’s dedication to his materials was widely recognized and he won numerous international awards for his designs, some of which have been loved for decades. During the anniversary year iittala is offering a highly collectible gift set.

Brilliance in a bottle. Anniversary edition.

"All materials have their own unwritten laws."

Nature. An abundant source of inspiration.

More than any other Finnish designer, Wirkkala has been inspired by nature. He spent a lot of time in his cottage in Lapland studying the local flora and fauna, and the flows of water throughout the seasons. Some of his acute observations found their form in exquisite art glass.