Mouthblown in Finland

Since it was established in 1881, the Iittala Glass Factory has earned an international reputation as experts of glass. Much of this is because of the master skills, extensive knowledge, commitment to innovation and incredible teamwork of the craftspeople at the Iittala Glass Factory.

Birds by Toikka Curlew 195 x 350 mm
Birds by Toikka Curlew 195 x 350 mm


The main factory ovens contain 40 tons of molten glass at 1450° Celsius. Red-hot glass is difficult to control and takes incredible skill to handle. Glassblowing requires small breaths, soft blowing and sensitive adjustments to airflow. The master glassblowers at the Iittala Glass Factory say that a good glassblowers “needs to have hands that can ‘see’ what’s happening—almost like their fingertips have eyes.”


Finishing glass

Glass polishers have one of the most demanding jobs at the Iittala Glass Factory. Their craft requires precision and a steady hand. The polisher’s hand and eye must work in seamless unison. Polishers must also be able to listen to the glass because changes in tone during polishing can be signs of flaws, cracks or stress in the object. If the sound changes in tone, the object may be in danger of breaking.


With over a thousand secret colour recipes and an extensive colour palette, our mastery of pigments and colours is unique in the world. Our dual ability to create monochromatic tones as well as a palette that varies from light to medium to intense is rare.


Highest quality

Our glass objects are subject to strict quality criteria and every employee at the Iittala Glass Factory is a quality inspector. From blowers, polishers, porters, inspectors and packers, every item goes through several steps before it is determined to be worthy of the Iittala “i” label. 

Watch here to find out more about mouthblowing glass at the Iittala Glass Factory.