Raami by Jasper Morrison at Stockholm Design Week 2019

During Stockholm Design Week 2019, Iittala presents an exhibition “Creating Atmospheres (When Eating Becomes Form)” at the Wetterling Gallery from the 5th to 8th of February. The exhibition highlights the philosophy of Raami, Iittala’s new dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison. Through “Creating atmospheres” Iittala addresses the concept of eating as form, interpreting the notion as both shape and as behaviour.

Wetterling Gallery
Kungsträdgården 3, Stockholm 

Opening hours
5.2. at 11-16
6.-8.2. at 11-18

The concept and design of the Creating Atmospheres (When Eating Becomes Form) exhibition is created by Ville Kokkonen and Florencia Colombo. The exhibition takes a conceptual approach to eating: it examines eating as a form, in the dual meaning of form, as shape and also as behaviour. The exhibition has been divided into sections, each of which addresses a specific aspect of the Raami collection. As Jasper Morrison has said:

“Raami items have an ability to influence, not only the atmosphere of the situation but also our behaviour in it.”

The archetypes of dishes

The exhibition also questions, what defines a plate, a glass or a cup? Raami is a collection of individuals that provide one possible answer. Jasper Morrison believes that the role of a designer is not to invent form, but rather to be open to the surrounding world, adapting objects for new purposes “through hard analysis, or, more satisfyingly, intuition and chance”.

Morrison is especially interested in everyday objects that continue to serve their purpose well in a form that has often been created by an anonymous designer. He admires “the mysterious quality and naturalness which anonymous objects, free of their author’s ego, so often have”. He sees such anonymous objects as a reminder for designers that “in the real world an object depends on its long-term usefulness for survival”.

Eating as form has been a recurrent theme for us in the past years. The exhibition in Stockholm continues our previous work on the phenomenon, such as the Table Reset exhibition in Stockholm Design Week 2017.

For us the atmosphere of the situation, supported by items that are functional and aesthetically pleasing yet leave space for individual interpretation and human interaction, is the key to pleasant moments around the table.