The essential colours of Teema

Iittala’s classic Teema series is known for its beautiful colours and combinability. This spring 2019, Iittala introduces a new sophisticated neutral to the series with powder. A soft, fresh new colour that combines effortlessly in its classic Teema series. Powder is a calm, soothing shade that evokes the soft, tranquil sky of a Nordic sunset. A sophisticated and smooth companion or alternative to the pureness of white, powder combines with other colours in a clean, modern way.

`Colour is the only decoration needed,´ declared Kaj Franck.

'Blow up your dinnerware'

Kaj Franck’s idea was to replace traditional dinnerware – with its innumerable different plates, dishes, and bowls – with a much simpler range that people could select from according to their needs. 'Blow up your dinnerware' became his most well-known saying of the time. A circle, a square, and a rectangle, decorated by colours alone, formed the basis for the Kilta range, which was officially launched in 1952.


The range initially consisted of a minimalist eight items, including plates, square serving dishes, jugs, cups, and lids. These were originally offered in white, blue, black, green, and yellow. The idea was that the items and colours could be freely combined and that people could add additional pieces as their needs grew or changed. Kilta production came to an end when Arabia ended whiteware production in 1975, by which time Franck estimated that a total of 25 million items had been produced.

For the everyday and celebrations

The ending of Kilta production created a need for a similar tableware in Finland, which proved the catalyst for an updated version, known as Teema, launched a few years later. Working quietly behind the scenes, Franck and Arabia designed an ‘improved’ version of Kilta, and this was officially announced as the Teema range in 1981.
The updated range saw whiteware replaced by harder-wearing stoneware and small changes made to the details of the design. The initial Teema range included 18 items, available in black or white.

Contemporary, again

The mix and match concept central to the Teema range could not be more contemporary today. However by the early years of the new millennium the range had expanded to such an extent in terms of colours and forms, that it was decided it was time for a review. The task of updating the range was given to two of Kaj Franck’s former colleagues, Oiva Toikka and Heikki Orvola. They introduced various small changes to the range to make it better suited to modern needs, while still very much respecting Kaj Franck’s original vision. The new Teema range, with even more mix and match potential, was launched at the beginning of 2005. Currently Teema is available in a wider selection of items in white, and in a more limited range in powder, black, grey, blue and red.
Teema plate 17 cm powder 
Teema plate 17 cm powder 
Teema mug 0,3 l powder 
Teema mug 0,3 l powder