Meet the team behind Teema Tiimi

Kaj Franck: “The designer needs to smell and feel how the world around changes in order to be able to design the everyday items for the home, not only looking at the present moment, but also for tomorrow”.

Iittala’s iconic Teema tableware range was created in 1952 by the master of Finnish everyday design, Kaj Franck. When designed, it was a revolutionary concept: uni-coloured, simplified objects were created in opposition to the decorative, full dinner sets that predominated at the time. The smallest details ensure each dish is perfect for use, multi-functional, stackable and suitable for everyday use as well as festive occasions.  

The new Teema Tiimi complements the classic range and is designed for Asian cuisine. The name refers to the classic range Teema (translating as ‘theme’ in Finnish) and to the design process: Teema Tiimi (Tiimi being the word for ‘team’) has been a collaborative work between young, talented designers and the Iittala design team.

Minjia Wang (b.1987) is a ceramics designer whose work speaks a unique and sensual language, constructing playful forms and finding new ways of usage. She describes her products as ones that stand by the user and bring greetings in the everyday life.

China / Minjia Wang

'Bowl is definitely one of most common tableware at home. Small bowl, we call it rice bowl or soup bowl, which is used for serving rice, soup, sweet soup and porridge normally.'


Ai Ono (b. 1986) is a Japanese ceramic artist and designer, currently based in Tokyo. Forms of her works are minimal, enhancing the quality of materials used. Her experience working with ceramics in different countries has led her to focus on colours and materials that harmonise with a surrounding space and nature.

Japan / Ai Ono

'It is said that the ideal Japanese meal consists of one bowl of rice, soup and 3 dishes. 3 dishes include one main and two sub-main dishes. The more dishes (odd numbers) you have the better.'

Korean born Kyuhyung Cho's (b. 1975) furniture design is based on the exploration of similarities and differences between Scandinavian and Eastern Asian Design. His approach is graphical: like letters in a text, the relationship of objects and the surrounding space is as important as the right proportion of each individual piece as part of a composition in collective space.

Korea / Kyuhyung Cho

'One specialty of Korean cuisine is that side dishes are shared within the table. At the same time, there is a clear distinction between shared dishes and individual dishes.'


Yenwen Tseng (b. 1981) is an industrial designer based in Taichung, a large manufacturing and industrial city in his home country of Taiwan. The passion in Yenwen Tseng's work is finding the subtlety that lasts in life - a subtle distinction in meaning, function and attitude.

Taiwan / Yenwen Tseng

'Curve looks more inviting on a dining table. In the world of Chinese food, curve also feels more familiar and friendly. The depth of a curve creates a perfect space to keep the food with sauce, which is very common in Chinese cuisine.'