Myiittala terms and conditions


  1. The member of Myiittala community program shall be at least fifteen years of age. Myiittala program is intended only for private persons’ consumer use. Myiittala membership is free of charge. Iittala has the right to reject a membership application.
  2. Myiittala members’ personal data will be processed in the Myiittala personal data file. By signing the application form the applicant accepts that his/her personal data will be processed in a way defined in the description file and privacy policy. The member undertakes to keep his/her username and password confidential and is responsible for actions made with said user ID.
  3. Myiittala member benefits can be used in Iittala stores, Iittala outlets and Iittala web store.
  4. Myiittala membership is personal and only the member himself/herself can make purchases unless otherwise separately communicated. Myiittala membership can not be used for any transaction where the buyer is a business entity.
  5. The purchase balance shall be accumulated only with purchases where the member has been identified as Myiittala member. If the membership has not been identified in connection with the purchase, such purchases may not be added afterwards to the purchase balance. Purchases made with vouchers shall not accumulate the purchase balance.
  6. In order for Myiittala to serve members in a best possible way the member shall inform Myiittala about the changes in his/her contact information. The member can also update his/her contact information by logging on the site (My Profile).
  7. Iittala has the right to terminate the membership if a member has not used his/her member benefits during the last 16 months or if a member has breached the terms and conditions of Myiittala community program. The membership shall expire upon Iittala sending a notice of termination to the member by using the contact details that at the time appear in the register. The membership will be considered terminated after seven days of sending the notice of termination.
  8. A member can resign from Myiittala community program by sending the resignation notice by e-mail to the address or by mail to Iittala Group, Myiittala, PL 130, 00561 Helsinki, Finland.
  9. Iittala reserves the right, without a separate notice, to terminate the Myiittala community program and alter or amend the terms and conditions of Myiittala community program. Notification of changes to the terms and conditions is sent to the member personally or by posting an updated version of the terms and conditions on Myiittala web site one (1) month before the changes become effective.
  10. The promoter and controller of Myiittala community program is Iittala Group Oy Ab, Myiittala,P.O Box 130, 00561 Helsinki, Finland, tel: +358 204 3910, e-mail: Myiittala community program has been established and shall be governed by the laws of Finland.