Nature of Glass - Flower tips

Nature inspires us and we cherish it as a vital part of our everyday lives. We seek balance with nature to find balance with ourselves; to be naturally balanced. At Iittala, glass is in our nature.

All natural

We’ve taken the iconic Aalto collection a step further with a special edition 100% recycled Aalto vase that was produced from waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.

Natural beauty
Watch these short Iittala videos to learn how to create a lovely flower arrangement for the special edition Aalto recycled vase or the Aalto linen vase.


Inspired by nature

Kastehelmi’s delicate rings of glass bubbles were designed to resemble strings of dewdrops glistening under the morning sun. Each piece plays with light in a way that showcases the reflective beauty of the glass. 
New colour
The Kastehelmi vase now comes in our annual colour, linen. Inspired by flax fields and a a fresh cool breeze, linen-coloured glass retains a high natural luster that beautifully showcases Kastehelmi’s design details. Linen also brings warm sophistication that perfectly pairs with flowers.   
Watch how to create an elegant flower arrangement in the linen Kastehelmi vase with this short video.