Lempi van Matti Klenell is een universeel drinkglas dat is gemaakt voor elke gelegenheid - informeel of spectaculair. Lempi is stapelbaar en dat maakt het de ultieme 'ruimtebespaarder'. Het pure ontwerp van de kelk schept de perfecte balans tussen elegante lichtheid en een genereuze inhoud. Klenell wilde met de Lempi een glas ontwerpen dat het goed doet op de ontbijttafel, op je bureau en bij een formeel diner. Met het Lempi glas won Klenelle in 2012 de Red Dot Design Award.

Iittala Designer Matti Klenell


Matti Klenell (b.1972) is a Swedish designer known for his continual explorations into the Nordic design philosophy of form and function. Much like craftsmen during the dawn of industrialism, Klenell seeks to obtain the richest artistic expression within the possible limitations of the production process. His goal is to bring his creations to life by giving them character and personality. His global clientele includes BRIO, Moooi and Muuto. His multi-faceted approach to design allows him to work within many platforms including one-man exhibitions of his art glassware. Klenell has received much recognition for his work including the Red Dot Design Award for the Lempi drinking glass that he created for Iittala.