Favourite spots in the North

Where to go and what to do in the Nordics? We asked four creatives to get generous and share their tips and tricks.

Martin Gjesing unveils the most exciting retail spots in the Nordics.

OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP, STOCKHOLM Work Shop consists of many elements, but is a place that captures the essence of Our Legacy. It functions as a retail store, atelier, and creative studio all in one. This means that a customer can find pieces from brand new collections next to older pieces from the archives, next to random pieces or objects that have been selected by the store’s staff of their own accord. Not only will this space offer apparel, but also provide a rotating range of items like furniture, records and books.
EKELY, COPENHAGEN is multidisciplinary in its take on displaying art. While the name is a reference to Edvard Munch’s atelier near Oslo, Ekely is an extension of its mother gallery, Bo Bjerregaard Gallery, and contains both an exhibition space and a retail store. Its aim is to heighten the accessibility of the artists’ works. That is why the store stocks original prints, art books and a variety of odd and one-off design objects by different artists, for example Tal R, John Kørner and Per Kirkeby. 
DEPANNEUR, COPENHAGEN is more than just your regular convenience store. This store is an interpretation of the Quebec-based concept, so whilst providing everyday commodities like cereal and tomato soup, it is also the place to go to for a sip of coffee, watching football and scrolling through the selection of magazines. Depanneur is most of all a local meeting spot with a casual and laid-back atmosphere at the core of the concept. Furthermore, they have their own coffee roastery Barkas — the best coffee in town, in the best place.

Stefan Nilsson shares tips on how to survive the cold winter up North.

Cold winters in the Nordic region are really, really cold. Draw a hot bath and indulge in some glossy gossip magazines. Get a facial mask and get your hands on some bath oil. This will soften your skin and warm your heart. If you bring your phone or other devices to the bathroom with you, don’t forget to watch marriage proposals on YouTube.
SING ALONG TO GIRL POWER SONGS Regardless of your gender, there is something liberating about yelling “tell me what you want, what you really, really want”. The energy and liberating feeling of these songs will make your winter evenings so much brighter and more energetic. 
Winters are for slowing down. Build a blanket fort and decide what superpower you would like to possess. Visualise parts of your lover’s body and describe them. How does your lover’s wrist look like? What about the smell of your lover’s neck?
There is nothing more luxurious than staying between bedlinen 
with a high thread count. Order room service and go through this 
list from 1–3.

Niels Bastrup reveals his favourite locations around the North.

Besides breath-taking nature, Norway’s capital boasts an amazing Opera House that lies like an iceberg in the center of the city. The building was designed by Snöhetta, an outstanding Norwegian architecture and design office.
Staying at Ett Hem in Stockholm was the best hotel experience I’ve ever had. I felt instant love for the hotel’s style, its people, the food and the service. Ett Hem is luxury on another level.
While the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art a short train ride away from Copenhagen is often pointed out as a milestone when it comes to modern art, you shouldn’t miss out on Copenhagen Contemporary on Papirøen in central Copenhagen. This independent institution established in 2015 works to create an international center for contemporary art and cultural experiences in Copenhagen.
When in Helsinki, as in so many of the Nordic capitals, the sea and the harbour are so present, it would be a shame not to experience the beautiful sights of the city on a run in the morning or late at night in the summer when the whole city is flooded with northern summer light.

Anna Retulainen spills the beans on exciting Nordic art locales. 

Sara Hildén’s Museum in Tampere and the museums maintained by the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation in Mänttä are my favourite ones in Finland. The city of Mänttä is an incredible art city, so make sure not to miss out on Mänttä’s Art Festival in the summer. Gallery exhibitions in Helsinki are usually of good quality, too, and a day of gallery visits is a handy way of going on a thorough walk around the city. The best way the get the most out of your gallery tour is to walk around armed with an open mind and a gallery guide that you’ll find either from the galleries themselves or online.
Whenever I find myself in Copenhagen, I travel down to the Louisiana Modern Art Museum about 35 kilometres north of the city. The mere location itself has a calming effect on me, and in addition to that, the exhibitions are faultlessly good. Copenhagen also hosts the Chart art fair in September that only features selected Nordic galleries.
Moderna Museet in central Stockholm always delivers, but Bonniers Konsthall displays interesting exhibitions, too. I would also recommend a tour around the galleries near Hudiksvallsgatan, especially HangmenProjects, an artist-led gallery. Solna’s Marabouparken on the outskirts of Stockholm and Artipelag, a venue for art, food and events, in Värmdö are also worth a visit.
When I’m in Oslo, I make sure to visit the Munch Museum and walk through the Vigeland sculpture park.