The new standard of cutlery

One of the most loved everyday classics returns to Iittala collection. When designed in 1952, Scandia cutlery by Kaj Franck was quite revolutionary. It shook the existing and set a new standard, like Teema designed by Franck the very same year. Scandia became one of the most loved everyday classics in Finnish homes. It returns to Iittala collection as a lasting companion for everyday dining.

Franck designed Scandia at the same time with his classic Kilta (today known as Teema) tableware. It followed very much the same philosophy Kaj Franck is so known for: highly functional design in which form follows function in simplified and time-standing aesthetics made for the requirements of the everyday. 

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Rethinking the table setting

Profoundly multifunctional,
combinable and essential dishes,
with matching cutlery

Whereas in continental Europe and wealthy Scandinavian countries were at the time used to delicate silverware as a cutlery standard, Finns who were rebuilding the country after the war mostly used very simple and sturdy steel utensils produced by local factories Hackman and Fiskars. 
In 1950’s Kaj Franck renewed the table setting by destroying the idea of full, decorative dinner sets by replacing them with multifunctional, combinable and essential dishes of simplified, unicoloured design. Rethinking the cutlery was a logical addition to the entity. He flattened the spikes of the fork and created a solid base to the root of the spikes for more easy picking of peas and rice from the plate. The spoon was designed rounder and deeper for convenient use with soups, the coffee spoon was of a practical size to serve more purposes than one. Even in the salad set both parts were designed for the same mould to ensure cost efficient production. Sturdy structure and lines on the handles supported ergonomics and stability.
Scandia dinner fork
Scandia dinner fork
Scandia cutlery set   24 pcs
Scandia cutlery set 24 pcs

New size

Scandia complements Iittala cutlery selection with an everyday option that matches beautifully Franck’s other everyday classics, Teema tableware and Kartio glasses. The slightly larger new size matches the modern dining and tableware and makes the set a nice companion for collectors.

For the lucky ones who have the original smaller cutlery, they are nice dessert or starter utensils to add on to the new set that now consists of most essential parts, just like Franck wanted it.