January 2020

Annual colour linen

Flax fields, a fresh cool breeze under the hot, humid sun… these are just some of the inspirations for our new annual colour, linen. Using the colour expertise of the artisans at the Iittala Glass Factory, linen-coloured glass retains a high natural luster that beautifully showcases design details. Its refined warmth brings a casual sophistication that pairs elegantly with a wide array of colours and mixes especially well with plants and flowers.

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Brand story
April 2019

The sea is a mirror

In the North, the sea is an ever-changing portrait of the four seasons. Its winds usher in icy waves of winter, and it gifts us with warm rays of sun in the summer. It has the power to give and nurture life. Sea Blue is a reflection of the colours that hide above and below the surface. It is a reminder of what it feels like to dip into the cold water and how the tireless waves calm us down. It takes our thoughts to the sunny days in the archipelago and the balmy evenings by the quiet sea.

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April 2018

Psychology of colour

Iittala is known around the world for its expertise as a producer of coloured glass. We have over 100 years of experience in producing this type of glass and are committed to further developing our capabilities in this area. Getting the most out of glass and developing an extensive colour palette calls for a thorough understanding of the materials used and a willingness to experiment. Colour know-how is part of the heritage of our glassworks.

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