Celebrating a decade of magic – embrace the mythical everyday

Taika is a gift for the eccentric in all of us: it lures out our inner storyteller and introduces an element of whimsy into our day-to-day lives. Taika lets you break your patterns.

Pick and mix Taika and Nordic classics to create the backdrop for enchanting moments and let yourself be spellbound by the magic of Taika.
Scroll down this page to get to know the special edition anniversary mug and other new Taika items.

The special edition anniversary mug

To celebrate Taika, the 10-years anniversary mug has been added to the collection as true collector's item. The mug introduces the famous owl in a new way, flying high with wings spread.

The mug also features a special anniversary stamp and, unlike other Taika mugs, the pattern spreads to the handle and the upper inside surface of the mug as well.

Meet the new anniversary collection

The deep plates and large bowls are now available with an updated rich pattern that covers the entire surface of these round forms. 

Get to know our new special arrivals below.

Taika plate 30 cm white
Taika plate 30 cm white
Taika deep plate 20 cm
Taika deep plate 20 cm

We believe in extraordinary everyday


Let Taika-designer Klaus Haapaniemi take you into his world and discover the inspiration behind Taika in his own words.