Sitting by a calm, cool lake

The annual bird, Kaisla, is inspired by Nordic nature. The elegant bird features a small blue head, a prominent beak and a golden brown and black duck shaped body. Her calming colours and lovely lines recall peaceful nights spent by the calm, cool northern lakes.

Birds by Toikka annual bird 2020 Kaisla 195 x 115 mm
Birds by Toikka annual bird 2020 Kaisla 195 x 115 mm

‘Glass is perfect for birds – and birds are perfect for glass.’ Oiva Toikka

Oiva Toikka’s iconic bird collection first took flight in 1972. At the time Oiva Toikka was experimenting more inventively than most of his peers. He reached an understanding of process and technical knowhow, and this gave him the confidence to risk even more. The glassblowers’ skills grew with Toikka’s ambition. Each bird developed as part of the close collaboration between Oiva Toikka and the glassblowing team. While Toikka presented the idea, the final character of the bird emerged after some discussion and much trial-and-error on the hotshop floor.

Iittala’s world famous Birds by Toikka collection has over 500 handcrafted species that were born from the artist’s unique imagination. Combining his passion for nature and blown glass art, each bird is unique down to the minute detail. This makes every bird a truly one of a kind art object. Handcrafted and mouthblown at the Iittala Glass Factory, the collection embodies a rich fusion of glassmaking traditions and shows Toikka’s hands-on-approach with his team of master craftspeople.