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100% recycled glass collection

Welcome to explore our collection created with extra thoughtfulness for the planet.

Aalto vase

True colours

The special manufacturing process makes each recycled item unique. Every piece showcases its own distinct colour depending on the shade of the waste glass that’s used. Tones may vary from cool blues to calming greens and earthy neutrals, making each recycled glass item one of a kind.

Kastehelmi and Aalto tealight candleholders

One of a kind items

Due to the nature of recycled glass, some small bubbles and visual variations within the glass are part of what makes the items unique. Recycled glass items are as durable, clear and high quality as their virgin glass counterparts but just made with a little more thoughtfulness for the planet.

Raami recycled tumblers

Transparent pricing

Recycled collection items allow us small, beautiful ways of creating a more sustainable future together. Manufacturing recycled glass means innovating new techniques and adding additional steps to the process which results in extra costs. This makes the unique items a bit more expensive.

Teema plates and Kastehelmi tumblers

Investing in the future

Like in everything we do, we want to ensure the highest quality and that is why we are always trying to create better, more sustainable processes that will let us expand our collections well into the future.

Aalto vase

Saving natural resources

Recycled glass saves natural resources, compared to production from virgin materials. In general, re-using already produced materials and minimizing the waste being sent to landfills significantly reduces the environmental impact of the production of new items.

In 2019, we were one of the first industrial manufacturers to produce a tumbler solely out of waste glass. As part of our journey towards even more sustainable production, we have now expanded to a full recycled collection made of 100% recycled glass, produced from waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. The Iittala Glass Factory has always been a pioneer in the development of new methods for manufacturing glass through challenging established practices and creating new innovations. Our expertise and understanding of glass as a material is unique in the world.

As a result of the continuous research, our recycled collection expands in autumn 2022 as the recycled ceramic Teema mug sees the light of day. Also, the Meno felt bags turn into 100% recycled polyester.

Raami recycled tumbler

Our aim is to reuse most of the waste glass from our glass factory as raw material for new products in the future. In addition to 100% recycled glass collection, waste glass from our Iittala Glass Factory gets re-used as insulation material for the construction industry. 

Thoughtful gifting

Our 100% recycled glass items are lasting gifts that carry the message of caring for the planet. Each recycled item is unique making them perfect for gifting. The collection includes carefully curated Iittala favorites from different decades. Ideal for weddings, birthdays, graduations, housewarmings and more. A gift with a message.

Making of 100 % recycled glass