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Vintage service: bring and collect new memories

Good things never age. Every bowl, plate and glass we make is designed to be used and loved from generation to generation. From now on, you’ll be able to give your old tableware a new life in our stores and discover vintage pieces from our ever-evolving in-store collection.

Vintage is now available in all Iittala stores in Finland and Sweden, and expands to other locations later. In Finland we take in used Iittala and Arabia tableware and in Sweden we take in used Iittala and Rörstrand tableware.

In Finland Vintage service also enables you to recycle broken or worn out glassware and ceramic tableware from other brands. We do not offer compensation for these products.

Vintage tumblers and plates

Here's how it works

Bring your used tableware to an Iittala store participating in Vintage service. We’ll buy it from you and resell it to new homes. We’ll evaluate and price the tableware according to the items’ condition. This means that for example, plates have one buying and one selling price. Product should be clean - we sell them as they are. As a remuneration for your old tableware you will receive gift card that is valid in Iittala stores.

We take in used everyday tableware and glassware. We don’t recommend bringing us very valuable tableware or exceptional glassware, as our vintage service doesn’t take into account individual objects’ market value. We price all tableware according to a daily-changing price list.

Stores have limited inventory so we reserve the rights to buy products or series, which do not have currently demand in our store. You can check the store status beforehand by contacting the store.

Our vintage service is aimed at consumers who want to give their tableware a new life – not for companies or resellers. We don’t for instance take in restaurants’ dinnerware nor custom made company mugs. You can bring only one or several items at a time, but not more than 40 pieces at once. When buying items with a gift card, our purchase limit is 800 € / person / 6 months. We reserve rights to change prices.

Prices for buying

Price list

Vintage tableware quality classifications

Like a new:
The product has not been used or it has no marks of use.

Used product:
The product has been in use, has some marks in it but is not too scratched.

Worn-out or broken:
Items that are broken or do not pass the quality inspection will be recycled. We do not offer compensation for these products. Ceramics will be grinded into powder, which is reused in brick production, whereas glass waste will be utilized as building insulation material.
Vintage tumbler and plates

As a Myiittala member, you get more

As a Myiittala member, you matter to us. When you participate in our vintage service as a Myiittala member, you get 20% higher valued gift card. Gift cards received as a remuneration for used tableware are valid for a year.

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Vintage items

Saving natural resources

To better understand environmental savings that people do when buying previously owned tableware instead of purchasing entirely new products, we conducted an assessment with Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd to calculate how much natural resources and CO2 emissions were saved during the year 2021. Results showed that all Vintage products sold during 2021 saved over 115 tonnes of solid natural resources and over 39 t CO2 emissions.

Myiittala Your Vintage stories

  We  asked our Myiittala community to share the stories about their favourite
  Iittala and Arabia vintage pieces and their experiences of our Vintage
  service. It was a joy to read about all the cherished moments, treasured
  memories and the vintage plates, bowls and mugs that were part of it all – in
  everyday life and celebrations. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did.

“When I pop into an Iittala store, I always find new Vintage treasures. You just fall in love with them and want to start decorating right away. You want to set them on a table or use them at parties. I've even found some gems for our summer cottage.”

“Just looking at these Vintage dishes has brought back so many memories. I bought a drinking glass for our cottage and now I have a complete set of six glasses. In my childhood, we drank milk and homemade juice out of them. We still use these glasses, along with some old Arabia dishes. Memories mean so much to me that I prefer buying vintage items. My children and their children also love our vintage tableware and glasses. The glasses are filled with stories that will be passed down to the next generation.”

“For years, I've been searching everywhere for Moreeni coffee cups and plates. I found half a dozen in your store. I bought them all, and the price was very good too. Thank you!”

“It's great that you can get Vintage items in your stores. This summer, I broke a Ruska teacup that I had inherited from my parents. It's a lovely retro tea set that has lost none of its timeless appeal. I was really upset, because my set was missing a piece. Then, out of the blue, I found a Ruska teacup in your Järvenpää store. Such a great feeling! I hope my daughter will take care of these cups when she moves out.”

“The best legacy you can leave your loved ones is creating the perfect dinner table setting with the right crockery. In the 60s, I inherited my parents' wedding dinnerware "Iloinen Irja." Yet the set was never big enough for our 20-person family. So I've built my series to more than a dozen pieces using your Vintage service. I've done the same with my Bellis and Veranda tableware too. I will soon turn 75 and these vintage finds means so much to me. I plan to give my tableware to my children or grandchildren. Two of my grandchildren already collect their own dishes. And one of them is a 16-year-old boy.”

“I found a Ruska creamer and a sugar bowl at your Riihimäki outlet. They are exactly the same as my aunt set on the coffee table on Sunday afternoons in my childhood. I had to get them for my own slow Sunday moments."

“In the 80s, Reimari was our tableware collection. I bought it piece by piece and received some as gifts. It's no longer in production, so I have continued buying Reimari pieces from your Vintage service, flea markets and antique stores. I even bought Reimari bowls from Belgium after seeing a Reimari for sale notice on Arabia's website. I still use the dishes daily and for celebrations. In the 80s, I also wove a linen tablecloth that matches the tableware colours.”

“I collect old and beautiful Arabia dishes in single pieces. Most end up being used at our cottage, but the true gems decorate my walls.”
“Such wonderful treasures. Essence wine glasses, Teema plates and an Illusia serving dish. Just awesome that you are acting responsible and selling second-hand dishes along with your new items.”

“After our mother Hely passed away, we started fixing up her cottage. I wondered what her beautiful Arabia coffee set was called. I looked online and discovered that it was named Hely. Now I use her cups to serve coffee at the cottage.”

“In 1973, we received money from relatives as a wedding gift, and with that money, we bought, e.g. a coffee set called Saara. Over time, a small piece of one cup had cracked, and it bothered me. I once noticed a pair of Saara cups on the Vintage shelf in an Iittala store, and thus I got a new pair to replace the broken one! Marriage can now continue intact! I'm still searching for dessert plates; a few are missing.”

“My grandmother always set the table with Myrna cups and saucers when we were little. I remember how the cups were incredibly delicate and small. One slurp and you had to ask for a refill. At least the coffee never got cold! Even the youngest were allowed to drink juice from the cups, and their fingers were only ones to fit in the ear. When Iittala brought Myrna set into the 21st century and used the familiar yellow rose on Teema mugs, my heart was filled with joy. A tribute to my dear grandmother.”

“A sweet start to a beautiful summer. Holiday in Turku, a visit to the local Iittala store. I happened to see Kekkerit bowls on the Vintage shelf. The most beautiful Iittala glasses I have ever seen.”

“I fell in love with the Uhtua tableware set when working as a housekeeper, and bought my first Uhtua pieces in 1987. Over the years, as my own family grew in size, I would buy a new piece every time a cup or plate broke. I recently discovered a vintage Uhtua oven dish in an Iittala store and bought it immediately. Thanks to your Vintage service, my love affair with Uhtua will continue for years to come.”

“I'm so happy that I've found new pieces for the tableware collection I inherited from my grandmother. What a joy to use the dishes more often. I also collect Iittala glasses, so whenever I visit an Iittala store, the first thing I do is check the Vintage selection!”

“In the early 90s, when Finland was in the grip of a recession, I moved into my first home. I had always dreamt of getting dark green Teema tableware. For me, the collection was proper ‘adult tableware’ and symbolised a rite of passage. Even as a child, Arabia dishes were always part of our family's everyday life, though Teema was seen as being a bit too artistic. So I started collecting them, and I remember how my mother gave me a bigger Teema set as a housewarming gift. Heavenly!

I continued collecting green Teema until 2020 when I wanted a new, vibrant colour in my life. Thanks to the Vintage service, my green Teema tableware has found a new home and I was able to colour up my home with pastel KoKo dishes. I also bought the Koko dishes through the Vintage service as my preferred colour scheme was no longer in production. Yet, my love for Teema lives on in Moomin dishes. And the KoKo series matches perfectly with them – just like the green Teema had!

I now realise that I have always trusted Arabia – even when I was a child in the 70s. I’ve learned that Arabia sets can be combined harmoniously with everyday life and celebration. The Vintage service makes combining sets much easier. Without the service, I would have not discovered my colourful Koko dishes, as the series was discontinued several years ago. And that Teema tableware set that I loved as a teenager and thought was  proper ‘adult tableware’ has now turned into playful and colourful Moomin dishes in my home. Thank you for that.”

“I've been interested in old dishes for more than five years and I’m always looking for vintage glass and porcelain at flea markets. So it’s great that Iittala stores also have a Vintage service. It's a place where you can always make new discoveries. (In the beginning of the year I visited a flea market and found a Christmas themed mug from the 1970s that's worth 170 euros. Personally I prefer the landscape-theme porcelain dishes.)”
“From my childhood I vividly remember the Juhlaruusu (Festive Rose in English) collection by Arabia. Some time ago I found an incomplete Juhlaruusu set in a flea market. When I then found the missing pieces through Iittala's Vintage service, I was jumping with joy. Now, whenever I visit the Vintage shelf in an Iittala store, I get excited. That wonderful feeling of making a new discovery! For me, dishes are a journey into the past and memories, and the service respects it in a great way. It's also nice to chat with other people who are looking for vintage dishes: you hear stories about tableware that has been important to them. Thank you for the good service.”