Ingredients for a memorable Midsummer

Iittala moments created together - tableware

Ingredients for a meaninglessly meaningful day

Long breakfasts under the sun. Brunches with all sorts of friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances. Dinners that turn into breakfasts before you even notice. Make every moment a little more unique and set the scene for a celebration, even if you're celebrating for the sake of celebrating. Your favourite dishes, plates full of treats, a spill on the picnic blanket, crumbs everywhere and food sweating in the sun - the perfect ingredients for a meaninglessly meaningful day.
Iittala moments created together - tableware
Iittala moments created together - Ultima Thule

Midsummer magic

Midsummer is full of magic and superstition. Folklore has it that placing seven flowers under your pillow allows you to dream of your future spouse, or reaching into a well might reveal the face of your future beloved in the water. These are all fine traditions, but we cherish a particular Midsummer magic: a dinner together. Set the table with your favourite dishes and invite the people you care about, or invite a new acquaintance. Bring the flowers to the table and sit down to enjoy the Midsummer day.
Iittala moments created together - tableware

A dinner to remember

What if you celebrated the summer solstice on the beach? After this day, the days will gradually become shorter and darker, making it the perfect time to create something memorable. Bring your tables to the beach, dip your toes in the water, and savor every moment. Mix and match your favorite dishes, set the table for royalty, or opt for a more minimalist approach. Create a Midsummer menu that will linger in your memories as you watch the evening fade into the morning during the nightless night.