Every piece from Timo Sarpaneva’s Claritas is a unique work of art. Claritas are created from a highly intricate technique which makes it possible to incorporate air bubbles and “eyes” shaped out of colored glass inside the glass. The air bubbles, layers of colored glass and shapes are taken to their extremes, demanding intimate knowledge of the glass material on the part of glassblowers and polishers.

Claritas are now available in a range of colors that were unimaginable when they were first produced. The height and dimensions of the mouth-blown object vary depending on the fingerprint of the glassblower, making Clarita art pieces truly one-of-a-kind showpieces.

Iittala Designer Timo Sarpaneva


Timo Sarpaneva (1926-2006) was an international force in Finnish design. A designer, sculptor and educator, Sarpaneva’s pioneering glass work merged art with utilitarian design. Besides glass, he also worked with textiles, wood, porcelain and metal. Sarpaneva’s unique industrial design that helped to pioneer Finland’s global design reputation. Sarpaneva’s works are exhibited internationally. He has received much recognition throughout his illustrious career including the Lunning Prize and was twice awarded at the Milan Triennale. In 1976, Sarpaneva received the honorary title of Professor from the Finnish government.

Throughout his long collaboration with Iittala, Sarpaneva was responsible for creating key hallmarks of the company’s style. He designed the “i” logo which serves as the symbol of the company. In addition, Iittala’s Sarpaneva, a cast-iron pot, is a timeless classic that has been recognized as an international design icon.