Iittala craftmanship



Iittala village is home to the Iittala Glass Factory and the Iittala Glass Museum in which the past meets the present. Established already in 1881, the Iittala Glass Factory is one of its kind in Finland and known internationally for its world-class colour expertise.

Even today, Iittala’s skilled professionals shape molten glass into objects known across the world. You can watch glassblowers doing their demanding work from the visitors’ balcony. There is free access to the visitors’ balcony from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 8 pm. Exceptions are possible during public holidays. Changes in the opening hours are possible during summer time.

You can dive deeper into the history of the glass factory and Iittala’s production by visiting the Iittala Glass Museum’s exhibitions on your own or by booking a guided tour.

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Iittala craftmanship


The design story of Iittala began in 1881, and the story continues at the Iittala Glass Factory. Even today, Iittala’s professionals bring designs to life and make well-known glass objects such as Aalto vases, Aino Aalto glasses and Oiva Toikka’s birds.

From the visitors’ balcony, you can watch how skilled glassblowers shape molten glass into Finnish design classics.

Iittala Village guided tours


The Iittala Glass Museum showcases the past and present of Finnish glass design. The permanent exhibition demonstrates Iittala’s glass history and production, ranging from significant serial products to internationally known pieces of art.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, glassblowers’ most important tools and techniques are on display at the “Pilli, kuuppa ja muotti” (Glass pipe, block and mould) exhibition, and the museum features a sales gallery for unique objects made by Iittala’s glassblowers in their free time. The museum also offers two annually changing exhibitions.

The museum is part of the Finnish Glass Museum.

Iittala Village guided tours


During guided tours, you will hear stories of the Iittala Glass Factory’s history and the birth of the best-known Iittala designs. Each tour includes a visit to the museum’s permanent exhibition, and between Monday to Friday, to the visitors’ balcony to see glassblowers in action at the factory.

Tours must be booked in advance, and they are also available outside the museum’s opening hours.