Iittala Teema ruusu


Hint of pink and lots of personality. The seasonal colour Teema rose is full of character and is the star of any table setting.

Iittala Moments created together

A dash of magic with plenty of personality

Make Taika Sato the hero of your summer. Create a dreamy outdoor hideaway for yourself, gather the most beautiful flowers in vases, or enjoy a special dinner under the trees.

Iittala Moments created together

Ingredients for a meaninglessly meaningful day

Long breakfasts under the sun. Picnics with all sorts of friends, acquaintances and acquaintances of acquaintances. Dinners that turn into breakfasts before you even notice. Make every moment a little more unique and set the scene for a celebration, even if you're celebrating for the sake of celebrating.

Iittala Moments created together

Gift of the moments

Give more than just gifts; give moments waiting to unfold.

Iittala X Sergei Pavlov


The exhibition is open at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in Helsinki until 25th of August 2024.

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