Teema recycled


In 1952, Finnish designer Kaj Franck changed our understanding of tableware with the launch of a groundbreaking collection. The designer’s pioneering beliefs in sustainability, equality and moderation fueled his revolutionary vision. With the iconic Teema (First introduced as Kilta in 1952. Kilta’s design was revisited and renewed by Franck in 1981 and then re-named Teema), Franck created a collection that embodied his values and set a new standard for tableware. Teema in many ways embodies Franck’s pioneering thoughts about sustainability, equality and moderation. The design’s multifunctionality, simplified forms, combinability and high quality form a collection which has stood the test of time.

New in: Teema recycled - The classic Teema 15 cm bowl and 21 cm plate, designed by Kaj Franck, are now available in a new version made using recycled materials. The new Teema recycled edition items are available exclusively from Iittala.