New era of Iittala

Welcome to our creative universe.

For us, design is a human matter. It's a way of looking forward and telling stories about the ever-changing world. We bring together exciting, surprising and inspiring elements of culture to create something original and insightful. Our heritage and craftsmanship enable us to be experimental, playful and bold. We want to show all the shades of life, painted with the colours of glass.
Iittala New Era

New kid on the block since 1881

Guided by our own heritage, always embracing curiosity

Iittala new era

New arrivals

Something familiar with a new twist. We’re excited to introduce new additions to our creative universe.

Iittala x Damsel Elysium Art Collaboration

Iittala x Damsel

Introducing our collaboration with Damsel Elysium, a London-based instrumentalist, composer, and experimental sound, visual and performance artist.

Play – Universe of creativity

Let's unleash our imagination and fill our homes with colour and joy.

Iittala logo
Founded in 1881, Iittala boasts a history spanning over 140 years, marked by various logos that have mirrored the brand's corporate structures, creative vision, cultural influences, and production priorities through different eras.

The inspiration for the new logo draws from historical versions, particularly the 1892 Iittala logo. The combined "T" letters in the logo form a ligature that has historical roots in Iittala's past as well, and the inclusion of the establishment year, 1881, pays homage to the brand's rich history and glassmaking traditions.