Our ambient light collection has expanded with a new lamp, Virva, designed by Matti Klenell. When designing Virva, Klenell studied Iittala's glass heritage focusing in particular on the patterns and indentations that have decorated our glass pieces throughout the decades. He found inspiration in embossed designs, which reflect and spread the light beautifully off the surface of the lamp when switched on, and also make the object look striking in natural light with the light switched off.

The name ‘Virva’ originates from the Finnish word virvatuli (will-o'-the-wisp), which in the folklore of the Northern countries has been said to mark the location of buried treasures. The mouthblown glass table lamp stands on a four-legged, powder coated metal base. Its delicate glass has an embossed surface and raised, abstract pattern. The muted colours, dark grey and linen, beautifully highlight Virva’s three-dimensional shape.