Iittala new era campaign


Iittala is a creative universe, and for us, design is a human issue. It’s a way of looking forward and telling stories about the ever-changing world, telling stories about togetherness. We bring together exciting, surprising and inspiring elements of culture to create something original and insightful. We want to inspire our community through craftsmanship and cultural conversations so that they can express themselves in their chosen life.

We want to show all the shades of life, painted with the colours of glass. As a pioneer of Finnish design, we celebrate contemporary culture, art and craft. Instead of following in other’s footsteps, we will continue to seek new ways to inspire, innovate, and stand for the things that matter to us and to our community.

Our roots are in Finland, and our heritage is in artisanal glass making. What started as a glass factory in 1881 now celebrates generations of design, art and culture. We will always be guided by the knowledge handed down to us by our designers and our passionate craftspeople.

Today, our heritage and craftsmanship enable us to be experimental, playful and bold. We invite you to Iittala's creative universe to experience and find a design that is made to be loved and used, day in and day out.
Iittala craftmanship