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Vintage service: bring and collect new memories

Good things never age. Every bowl, plate and glass we make is designed to be used and loved from generation to generation. From now on, you’ll be able to give your old tableware a new life in our stores and discover vintage pieces from our ever-evolving in-store collection.

Vintage is now available in all Iittala stores in Finland and Sweden, and expands to other locations later. In Finland we take in used Iittala and Arabia tableware and in Sweden we take in used Iittala and Rörstrand tableware.

In Finland Vintage service also enables you to recycle broken or worn out glassware and ceramic tableware from other brands. We do not offer compensation for these products.

Here’s how it works

Bring your used tableware to an Iittala store participating in Vintage service. We’ll buy it from you and resell it to new homes. We’ll evaluate and price the tableware according to the items’ condition. This means that for example, plates have one buying and one selling price. As a remuneration for your old tableware you will receive gift card that is valid in Iittala stores.

We take in used everyday tableware and glassware. We don’t recommend bringing us very valuable tableware or exceptional glassware, as our vintage service doesn’t take into account individual objects’ market value. We price all tableware according to a daily-changing price list.

Our vintage service is aimed at consumers who want to give their tableware a new life – not for companies or resellers. We don’t for instance take in restaurants’ dinnerware nor custom made company mugs. You can bring only one or several items at a time, but not more than 40 pieces at once. When buying items with a gift card, our purchase limit is 800 € / person / 6 months.

Prices for buying

Price list

Vintage tableware quality classifications

Like a new:
The product has not been used or it has no marks of use.

Used product:
The product has been in use, has some marks in it but is not too scratched.

Worn-out or broken:
Items that are broken or do not pass the quality inspection will be recycled. We do not offer compensation for these products. Ceramics will be grinded into powder, which is reused in brick production, whereas glass waste will be utilized as building insulation material.

As a Myiittala member, you get more

As a Myiittala member, you matter to us. When you participate in our vintage service as a Myiittala member, you get 50% higher valued gift card. Gift cards received as a remuneration for used tableware are valid for a year.

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Saving natural resources

To better understand environmental savings that people do when buying previously owned tableware instead of purchasing entirely new products, we conducted an assessment with Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd to calculate how much natural resources and CO2 emissions were saved during the year 2020. Results showed that all Vintage products sold during 2020 saved over 165 tonnes of solid natural resources and over 56 t CO2 emissions.