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Thank you gifts

Explore our gift guides for thank you gifts and find the perfect gift for a friend, teacher, hostess, souvenir for cottage or to say thank you. 

Send timeless design in a gift wrap - directly to the recipient. Select the giftwrapping service at checkout and delight the recipient with a beautifully wrapped gift.

As many as there are memorable moments, there are ways to say thank you to the people that have made them special. With a gift as beautiful as the thought and as unique as the recipient.  

Explore the thank you gifts guide and find ideas for teacher gifts, gifts for friends, souvenirs for cottage and hostess gifts. Gifts with something special and out of the ordinary. And surprise the recipient with a piece of timeless Nordic design. 
Iittala gift ideas

Special gift for a friend

How to choose a gift for someone very special. To wrap your feelings and thoughts in one gesture. Surprise your friend just for being them or celebrate their special moment with a piece of Nordic design. With the help of our gift ideas for friends, find the perfect way to say you are special. The right gift for every person from design lovers enjoying unique forms and colours to the friends of timeless classics.  
Iittala Festivo Nappula Lantern

Say thank - teacher gifts

Another semester has come to an end. It is time to leave now wiser than before. Time to reminisce about the moments remarkable and the people who made them special. People significant on our journey. It is time to thank them for being there, maybe with a piece of Nordic design. Explore our teacher gift ideas featuring timeless classics and unique forms. 

Something small yet perfect

Something to give together

Iittala kastehelmi tealight candleholders

Small gifts that fit any space

To an occasion little more than a basic monday. An occasion that requires something small to remember it by. Explore our gift ideas for small gifts and find a little something for those moments worth a surprise. A piece of Nordic design for home or to take to work, something for setting the table every day or to save for the special moments. Something to bring joy for the day. 
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Souvenir for the hostess

The best time is the time spent together. Moments made special by sharing them. Surprise the hostess with a gift that lasts. A souvenir of your visit that brings joy for a long time after it. Explore our gift ideas for hostess gifts featuring ideas from beloved classics to more unique pieces of Nordic design.  
Iittala Raami tableware

Souvenirs for each kind of cottage style

Summer is the time of relaxed weekends in the countryside. Time of enjoying the outdoors, dining in the sun. Set the table at the cottage with natural colours and forms. Finland being the land of many cottages, we have gift ideas especially for cottage souvenirs. From timeless classics to playful pieces of Nordic design for each kind of cottage’s style. 

Something playful 

Iittala gifting items

Surprise with an unusual gift

The feeling of giving a gift. Surprising someone and seeing their joy. With an unusual gift the surprise is twice as joyous. Our gift ideas for unusual gifts feature whimsical forms and colours, timeless classics and new favourites for home and table setting. Pieces of Nordic design for decoration or everyday use, but most importantly for bringing joy. 
Iittala kartta art glass

Make it extra special with an unique gift

Unique, a word for something very special. As special as the occasion, special as the person celebrated. Get inspiration from our gift ideas for unique gifts when looking for something out of the ordinary. Explore the unique forms of design pieces for home and table setting. Let the inspiration lead, mix and match the colours and rethink the way to use them. 
Iittala Valentine's day

Gift wrapping

Send timeless design in a gift wrap directly to the recipient! Select the giftwrapping service at checkout and delight the recipient with a beautifully wrapped gift.