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As a pioneer of Nordic design, Iittala embraces the essence of Nordic living. It’s about functional and refined aesthetics along with a deep respect for the progressive ideas and Nordic values that shape our way of life.

At Iittala, we are committed to creating a sustainable future. This starts with our design—we don’t just create beautiful objects, we believe in design that will stand the test of time.

As part of Fiskars Group, we promote change with three long term sustainability commitments:
•    against throwaway culture
•    for a carbon neutral future
•    for increased joy

Read more about Fiskars Group’s sustainability report and Fiskars Group’s goals.

Teema mug white

Lasting design

The cornerstones of our design are timeless aesthetics, high quality and functionality. We believe people should have the right to expect that their design items stand the test of time and that Iittala items never go out of style.

In design, we focus on the essentials: high quality, multi-functional and aesthetically lasting. What we design must carry the potential to become a future classic. Iittala’s objects are made to be used, day in and day out, for generations to come.

Our design philosophy

In the early years of modernism and functionalism, Finnish design pioneers like Alvar and Aino Aalto and Kaj Franck formed the foundation of Iittala’s design philosophy: to push boundaries and give people beauty and function. This thinking is what keeps Iittala forever relevant. 

We continue to push boundaries by committing to a sustainable future, working with the best creative minds, investing in product development and thinking responsibly from the beginning of the design process, creating innovations, and by questioning familiar ways and experimenting with new opportunities.


Kartio tumbler sea blue

Climate action 

We are well past the time where we can wait for actions to be taken to stop climate change. It’s essential that we take climate action wherever we can. As part of Fiskars Group, we’re committed to keeping global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius by reducing greenhouse gas emissions as part of the UN Business Ambition.

Read more about Fiskars Group’s targets.

Our latest initiatives

We take a stand against throwaway culture with design that lasts and by developing circular solutions and services like our 100% recycled glass collection and our Vintage service, which extends the joy Iittala items bring and minimizes stress on the planet. We welcome you to join us.

Iittala Sustainability Glass Factory

Iittala Glass Factory to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 74% by the end of 2026

At every step of the way Iittala strives to minimize its impact on the environment and enhance the brand’s sustainability. As part of Fiskars Group we are investing approximately EUR 10 million in our Iittala glass factory in Finland. Due to the investment the factory's annual CO2 emissions will be reduced by 74% by the end of 2026.

The Iittala glass factory, founded in 1881, will replace the existing gas-powered glass melting furnaces with new electricity-powered furnaces. The new furnaces incorporate high technology solutions and will use renewable energy. The project will start in 2023 and be completed during 2026.

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Alvar Aalto Collection recycled

100 % recycled glass collection

Our recycled items are created with extra thoughtfulness for the planet. Every piece is made from 100% recycled glass materials produced from waste glass at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. Recycled glass saves natural resources, compared to production from virgin materials. The special manufacturing process makes each recycled item one of a kind as each piece showcases its own distinct colour, ranging from cool blues to calming greens and earthy neutrals.

Our aim is to reuse most of the waste glass from our glass factory as raw material for new products in the future. At the Iittala Glass Factory, waste glass is generated in the post processing of mouthblown glass, in the pouring of molten glass and in quality control. At our glass factory we’ve already reached the target that no waste glass is sent to landfill, but is re-used, as a raw material for the construction industry in the manufacture of insulation materials, and today as much waste glass as possible is also recycled to create items for the 100 % recycled glass collection.

As a result of the continuous research, revolutionary forms of design make their entrance as the recycled ceramic Teema mug sees the light of day in autumn 2022. Also, the Meno felt bags turn into 100% recycled polyester.

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Vintage service

Vintage service: bring and collect new memories

Our Vintage Service inspires new memories. We’ve always created our products with lasting design, durability and high-quality materials in mind. That’s why we want to encourage the longevity of our items through our Vintage Service. This new recycling stream lets you buy and sell used tableware in participating Iittala stores’ ever-evolving instore collection of vintage pieces.  The Vintage Service launched in Finland in 2019 and in Sweden in 2021.
To better understand the environmental savings when buying previously owned tableware instead of purchasing entirely new products, we conducted an assessment with Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd to calculate how much natural resources and CO2 emissions were saved during a year.

Results showed that all Vintage products sold during 2019 saved over 133 tons of solid natural resources and over 45 t CO2 emissions. In 2020, despite the impact of store closures in Finland due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 165 tons of solid natural resources and 56 t CO2 emissions was saved during the year.

We hope to expand Vintage service in other markets soon.
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Kitchenware service

The kitchenware service

In 2021, Iittala became a part of the kitchenware service as a means to further promote circular economy. The service provides a sustainable alternative to ownership and allows for complete reuse and recycling of products.

All brands involved in the kitchenware service are part of Fiskars Group. Through the kitchenware service, tableware, cutlery, drinking glasses and cookware are available from the same service effortlessly for a monthly fee. The goal is to provide new alternatives to traditional ownership.

Ecological choices, urbanization, small homes and ever-changing life situations are shaping the relationship with ownership. In particular, the young generations prefer sharing, borrowing and leasing. As a new set of needed tableware, cutlery, drinking glasses and cookware can be chosen each year and the number of products can be adjusted according to the user's own needs as life situations change, the service offers a sustainable and convenient way to update the atmosphere at home by setting the table differently.

Tableware that customers return to the store is properly recycled for reuse or is sold via the Vintage service.

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Kastehelmi tumbler sea blue

Helping save the Arctic with WWF

Alongside our core work, we take measures to protect the environment by cooperating with external partners and sponsoring their important work in environmental protection.

Every year, we pick a colour from our treasured glass colour library and bring it to life in glass items of the highest quality and timeless aesthetics. The Glass colour of the year for 2019 was sea blue, a colour inspired by the north, where the sea is an ever-changing portrait of the four seasons.

With the colour of the year, Iittala partnered with WWF Finland. For every sea blue product bought in Finland during 2019, we contributed 2.5% of sales towards helping WWF's initiative to protect the Arctic.

Ethical sourcing and building partnerships

Building a sustainable future requires us all to work together. That means collaborating with industry experts, likeminded brands, NGOs and other partners with shared values to proactively address the systemic problems relating to our environmental health.

We believe transparency is key in helping you and us make the best choices. We source our products and materials carefully, building collaborative relationships with our partners. In every step of the way, from design to production and from sourcing to packaging and recycling, we strive to minimize our effects on the environment and enhance sustainability.

Our partners sign a code of conduct before collaborating, and it includes, among other, expectations about environmental issues. We make regular audits to our partners to ensure the ways of working are in line with our requirements and help them develop their processes.

Design is a human issue

We want to create a positive impact on the quality of life for people and for the communities we work in. With our home in Finland, Iittala’s values are rooted in Nordic values of a good life. Equality, empowerment, wellbeing and life balance are at the heart of Iittala. 

It is our responsibility to take care of the people working for Iittala, both within our organization and those working for our partners. This concerns human rights, health and safety.
Our responsibility is also to support the people working for Iittala. Skilled, empowered and inspired people are our greatest asset.

As part of Fiskars Group, Iittala’s approach to human rights is defined in Fiskars Group’s policies, which also serve as the foundation for the implementation of targets related to human rights. Read more.